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Everyone loves a good story. One that holds your attention and puts a spell on you. Every person, every product and every brand has a story. Every story can be told in different ways - orally via radio, in the form of moving pictures on tv, in the movies or online, as a well written story in print, in a captivating event or during a promotion where you can experience the story.



Not every person has the time or is a born storyteller. This is where ...and what’s your story? enters your story. Together we work on the best way to tell your story. And if we need support from specialists we dig into my pool of friends with benefits - strong women, men and agencies who are the best in what they do and who love to get your story across.


Let’s have coffee and talk about what’s your story!


How to become

a storyteller

Do you know the Duracell bunny? It runs and runs and runs...This was me as a child. Only I did not run, but I talked and talked and talked. Since then a lot has changed. I run on an irregular basis, I have tamed down my talking, and I have a daughter who also loves to talk, so I know that can be annoying sometimes...but that’s a different story.


As soon as I learned to write I spent long afternoons on my Mums typewriter writing stories about strong princesses, far away countries and beautiful things.


My love for communication and traveling has resulted in me learning 5 languages, living in 3 countries, having two children and entertaining the people at home with my stories and adventures.


In 2010 I returned to my home city of Vienna and


Nearly 20 years after my first summer job in an ad agency and after years of working for i.e. Siemens, Estee Lauder, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Vapiano and Joya, the time has now come for me to start my own business and do what I love by telling your stories. Now it’s your turn! Let’s talk about your story!








...and what's your story e.u.

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